Thursday, March 19, 2009

Motorcycle Gangs - You Choose

Do we really need them.
During the last few years there seems to be building amount of gangs.
Every household knows of a family member involved in some sort of Gang.
Gee, even meet families that have members of the opposite sides at one table.
Worst of all Maori Gangs against other Maori Gangs.
Brother's, Cousins, Uncle's and Father's fighting against each other.

Ok, gangs have been around for year's. Things have gone too another level now.
Drugs and guns seem top be the thing now, when the old way was a bit of weed and despute where handled by a simple punch up. Can't forget chasing the greasy pig through the house.
Now it seems a knife or gun does a better job, than a fist.

Getting to the stage where the average Joe who loves to get his bike out on the weekend for a local charity run etc, is too scared to go because of gangs being there.
At least of all support the local organisations by not wearing Gang patches and enjoy the day out riding.

I am sure before they became members, like us just enjoyed the ride with other riders who just cruised around and meet other bikers from different places around the country.

I have meet a few Gang Members in my life, from Presidents to Prospects and they are generally nice guys away from their fellow members.
Have also come across some bad Prospectors who want to make a name for themselfs, that they do anything to get their name plasted around town as the tuffist dude in town.

Seen Gang Members from other Gangs meeting together in one place for a meeting, Gangs you would never think would be seen in the same room.

Had a knife pulled on me twice and had to fights with Gang Members, come on.
Both times they got us mixed up with some other guys that they were after. That is why people get scared of the guys.

Innocent kids now getting hurt, drive by shootings. Had a car drive up our street one night and heard a Gang shooting at another gangs house. What happens if they get the wrong house or hit someone who has nothing to do with their fight.

More and more older Gang Members leave their Patches behind after spending years in Prison to get away and live with their families, cause of all the time they have wasted being behind bars and haven't seen their kids grow up. Wasted their lives for what...

Asian Gangs now out there too, who else would supply the Gangs with their white powder and other little goodies to hand out to little boys and girls. Zombie Nation or should that be a Nation of Zombies (NZ).

Even kids are selling and supplying drugs and getting drunk at an early age.
Living on the Streets wanting to belong to a Gang so they either join the Cribs or Bloods.
Kids joining Amercian style gangs and learning young.
Some boy got stabbed over a cell phone and kids wearing gang colours.
Even dangerous to wear certain coloured shirts, because they could be Gang colours.

Will little boys and girls, take note:

The reason gangs want you so young is to steal and sell for them, is that you have mates and jobs that you can do for them to make money. How easy you are lead, because you are under age you can just about get away with anything. Then what happens to you when you are old enough to face a Judge. Do time or try and quit, by that time you are too late and can't be trusted because of your Police history.
Gangs are like a pyramid scheme, everything you do makes money for the guy at the top.

So Gangs leave the kids out of your way of life and just let them be kids.
What you do is your business but think of the elderly and kids that are scared to enjoy their lives.

There is enough violence out there now.

I find no problems with Motorcycle Clubs they are different as they love to ride and socialize with other bike riders, but Gangs a totally different story.

We are only killing off the kiwi, pump them with drugs or weapons.
Why not less more of us and we will be extinct.

Take it as the way I see it and make up your own minds on how you feel about it.
Just remember the average Joe.

Do you really know how many Gangs are out there in small country like ours.
Here is a list, might surprise you.

Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs:
Devils Henchmen MC - New Zealand
Devils MC - New Zealand
Forty Five MC - Auckland
Epitaph Riders - Christchurch
Filthy Few MC - New Zealand
Head Hunters MC - New Zealand
Hells Angels MC - New Zealand
Highway 61 MC - New Zealand
Lone Legion MC - Blenheim
Lost Breed MC - Nelson
Magog MC - New Zealand
Mothers MC - Palmerston North
Outcasts MC - Hamilton
Outlaws MC - Napier
Road Knights MC - New Zealand
Satans Slaves MC - Wellington
Sinn Fein MC - Upper Hutt
Southern Vikings MC - Dunedin
Tribesmen MC - New Zealand
Tyrants MC - New Zealand

Ethnic Gangs: Mongrel Mob
Mighty Mongrel Mob - Aotearoa
Mighty Mongrel Mob - Rogue
Mighty Mongrel Mob - Wanganui
Mighty Mongrel Mob - Wairoa
Mighty Mongrel Mob - New Zealand
Mongrel Mob - Mobster
Mongrel Mob - Notorious
Mongrel Mob -Auckland
Mongrel Mob - Christchurch
Mongrel Mob - Hastings
Mongrel Mob - Porirua
Mongrel Mob - Petone

Ethnic Gangs: Black Power
Black Power - Auckland
Mangukaha - Aotearoa
Black Power - Forever
Black Power - Gangster
Black Power - Movement
Black Power - New Zealand
Black Power - Manawatu
Black Power - Taranaki
Black Power - Turanga
Black Power - Waikato
Black Power - West Coast

King Cobra - New Zealand
New Zealand - Nomad
Barbarian Stormtrooper
Tribal Huk - Ngaruawahia

And we fit all these gangs into one small country, gangs on list may change due to the time of this article. Due to closing of clubs or joining to other bigger Gangs.
More and more are also added as Gangs move into other towns to expand.
Real eye opener for you to know what is really happening.

In Australia, police did a Gang raid.
$334 million (NZ) of drugs were seized.
That was just in Ecstasy and Methamphetamines, with large P labs found.

The Mongrel Mob and Black Power are also operating in Melbourne, Australia -
Rival Kiwi crime gangs Black Power and Mongrel Mob muscle up in Melbourne

Road Rat not a Pack Rat


  1. Has anyone heard of a gang called the "25 Club"? It was around in the 70's. Trying to find any info and/or pics. I can be contacted at Thanx


    1. Hi,Yeah.The Red Devils ETC, weren't heard of fully till they only had small branches of the gangs popping up around the place.Held closely by the Hells Angels as a Rogue Gang.

  3. I was gang raped by the devils henchmen from christchurch and timaru at a property on new brighton road on the saturday prior to fathers day 1980. I have not forgotten and remember who took me there(a prospect). He now lives in oz. These people r animals and I have not forgotten who they are.So I hope some of you are reading this because u have wives,partners and children do they know what u were doing in 1980.

    1. was it on a dirty pink matress coz ive got bros that joke around about watch out for the pink matress if your ever at there pad

    2. Great above article, very informative: I want to thank you for your message to readers, in regard to leaving the kids out of it. You've obviously had a bit of experience in the field, please guys, leave the kids alone, "Live & let Live", and girls, if you don't like what you're seeing, 'GET OUT" can!!

    3. I'm sorry to read what happened to you. If you know their names then name and shame them via social media. Let their families and especially their children know who they really are. Now middled aged or more i bet their families and employers would love to get to know the real them. Of course they will deny it but the story will damn them for its truth. People will read it and they will know, trust me. Besides you also have the old adage of "shit sticks". If you cant forget it, Dont let them forget it either. Show them they they may be the gangsters but you are the tough one.

  4. Tribesmen is Auckland only, Black Power also have a MG (Motorcycle Gang) patch as well as Mongrel Mob MG V8. Now we have Rebels & Bandaids.

    LLH&R Angels Forever red & white world wide 81 Nomads Aotearoa.

  5. I dont know about all these other clubs but i can tell you a few things about the barbarian stormtrooper which is also the stormtrooper gang and it also has mc chapters aswell as do the tribesmen and the tribesmen are not only in auckland by the way. but there whakapapa is the same as the troopers as they are a branch of the stormtrooper. Barbarian is a family chapter which is known to head the stormtrooper. So The pres for the barbarians is the national pres of the stormtroopers. Lol quick leason

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    2. So its womens fault if she gets raped? You really are awesome and you must make ya mum and fellow gangmembers proud. Thumbs up

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  8. The Devils Henchmen are a joke the ones in england dissolved the club to join another club and are now trying to put their henchmen patches back on

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  10. I was a patched member of the MMC (Mothers Motorcycle Club of Palmerston North) I remember back in 1972 at the age of 21 showing up to the Square in Palmy, there was a big brawl between the Mongrel Mob and the bikers. I remember who came off second best.
    The police just let us handle it because the Mongrel Mob would always cause trouble in our town.

    1. I was also there, best night ever, camped just out of town, stopping on the way to pull out some road marker posts to beat the crap out of the Mongas, saw one get chased straight through the big glass door of the post office.Good times.

    2. Huge photo on the front page of the local rag the next day, would love to get hold of the pic

  11. Can n e 1 tell me who the national president of the nz stormtroopers is?

  12. Mothers Motorcycle Club were and always will be a good club, they were very social, always had time to chat. But of course they were part of a club and they wont take shit, like anyone. But always threw good race days and got involved.

  13. Mothers mc were a great club, took no shit, created no shit and yes I remember them keeping palmerston north mob and bp free, within 10 mins of any mob or bp patch showing up in the city, you would here the rumble and 20 mins to an hour later, there would be a new ethic patch hanging on the club wall, they kept order and partied in full disorder, they owned this city until the motoua gardens occupation, i remember coming home from England and seeing all these black patches in the city and say wtf has happened from a wee kid to my early
    /mid 20's I had never seen it ever, was actually in shock, oh how times change ...... they weren't saints, they were true to the essence of what a real outlaw mc was lawless, dirty, intimidating by look and by ruckess behaviours, the club rules were clear , no bike no patch, you rode a bike not drove a car that was for dogs and fists, no fat chicks allowed, brothers before bitches, there was true brotherhood, absolute brotherhood loyalty, you knew without doubt your club could be trusted to back you and women knew their place in the game , wives, girlfriends and dirty girls galore, party party and party some more .
    Those days grew cancer when meth was introduced and now like a cancer well what's left? Brothers hating one another, no trust no truth no love anymore fake people playing fake games getting shut down patched over and owned by new names and power games. ( not specifically meaning the mmc under this transition either just clubs in general nation wide it seems) it's a sad regression with shithole lessons and an end to an era of true biker pride to ride..... respect and rip pnth-mmc. Cheers for good times rock n n rolling skulling and toking rooting n tooting till sunrises and dusks had us crumbled but still riding the rush. ,

  14. Time to bring in the nazis

  15. Still cant find a social club on the shore.

  16. at the end of the day traditions change and people join gangs and they will know the risks so if they die they will be mawnded but its the risk they all take specially when it comes to which club or gang will have that name on their bottom rocker