Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Ride around Nelson, Tasman. South Island. New Zealand

Friday, August 29, 2014


Commissioned to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the formation of The Stranglers, one of the UK's most popular bands, this one-off special edition Triumph Bonneville has been custom-painted with a unique 'Stranglers' colour scheme and graphics.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Keanu & Gard's Excellent Bike!

The KR GT-1 Prototype is the brainchild of Keanu Reeves and Gard Hollinger, they began collaborating on a custom bike for Keanu back in 2007 and over time it evolved from a one-off design to a whole new motorcycle company now called – The Arch Motorcycle Company.

Read more here Keanu & Gard's most Excellent Bike!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Road Trip

Been away for awhile doing the Road Rat Road Trip.
Just out the pathway to the shed, will shell I say the man's tool shed.
Been busy rebuilding bikes and just taking time off to say hi to you all.
Working on 3 projects at the moment,
1980's Honda XL185
1980's Honda XL250
1980's Yamaha DT175

Honda XL250 now fully restored to it's former glory and will add pictures to post shortly.
The XL185 will say no more, she's a wreck needing an overhaul. But slowly getting there.

The history on the Yamaha DT175 has a checked past after falling off a trailer and has damage throught the casing due to falling on it's gear change lever side.

All the bikes are heading to the VMX race track (Vintage Motorcycle Motorcross) and need to be ready.

My favourite, the DT175 is being installed with a new design in shock.
It's trial and error, IT175 rear shock is the donor and will be added to DT with canister and all.
Might even power up with piston changes so it has more top end power, which could become dangerous.

New rebuilt motor has been installed after repair and waiting on another as they are becoming harder to find these days.

Will keep you updated with progress and pictures shortly.

Road Rat

Monday, April 16, 2012

1970's Motorcycles stored in USA Warehouse

Take a look at these classic Japanese Motorcycles locked in an American warehouse. Also noticed an Old Indian Chief bike from the 1940's and a Harley Davidson XLCH Hard tail 1971 chopper. Could be worth importing one of these Bikes into NZ or Australia. Check them all out here - Motorcycle USA

Monday, April 9, 2012

Bikie Wars - Brothers in Arms

The Bikie Wars - Brothers in Arms TV mini series based on the 1984 firearm battle between rival Australian motorcycle gangs the Comancheros and Bandidos will screen on Aussie TV this year.

The series tells the true story of the Milperra massacre in Sydney, when the Bandidos and the Comancheros motorcycle clubs went to war on Father's Day, Sunday 2 Sept 1984. The massacre had its beginnings after a group of Comancheros broke away and formed the first Bandidos Motorcycle Club chapter in Australia. This resulted in intense rivalry between the two chapters.

At a public swap meet at the Viking Hotel in Milperra, a brief but violent battle ensued with seven people shot dead, including a 14 year old innocent bystander. A further 28 people were wounded with 20 requiring hospitalisation.

TV series site-  Bikie Wars: Brothers in Arms

Also see our previous post on New Zealand Motorcycle Gangs

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Next Generation Motorbike - 1920's styling

One of these could be good for the morning Coffee run.

At least I can pedal home if something goes wrong.

The Derringer cycle captures the look and feel of the 1920’s board track racing motorcycles.

35 mph, 180 mpg, 49cc overhead 4 stroke engine, no Bike license required, price is around $3,500 USD.

Or maybe I could pull the old Bike out of the shed and convert it into one of these - yeah sure…

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Having a Threesome - GT550

Great story from the Bikenut guys on Suzuki’s legendary 2 stroke triples.

These days if someone asked you if you'd like to own a bike that used fuel like a V8, needed basic maintenance every few weeks, had a front brake that didn’t like rain and generally scared the crap out of you every .....

Read more on Bikenut.com.au

Thursday, December 9, 2010

New Zealand Truck Drivers

Hi, all my loyal readers.

Been busy lately travelling in a truck from Nelson to Blenheim, New Zealand.
With unusually heavy loads.
Had to share my thoughts on the guys who use our roads at night.

These bunch of drivers (truckies) don't get the credit they deserve.
Without these guys you would have no food on shelves and businesses with no product.
You imagine if all the drivers stopped for just one day.
You would not have food, general frieght, parts, meat, wood, produce and even god forbid post that come from Bill...hehe

Have a question for the Government and Local councils, of the two roads I have travelled the most on.
The Rimutaka Hill and Whangamoa Hill are roughly the same, why for the life of me.
After spending millions of dollars a year to upgrade the hills, have they not just go through the bottom of them.
Both roads are alike, Whangamoa's are tight winny roads and Rimutaka is a higher climb with a few tight bends.
Stop spending money on the bloody Auckland Motorways and Underground Trains.
They need to concentrate on the roads that need to be really upgraded.
Both are in that catergory.
They are both good for holding black ice on the road aswell and trap poor motorists out when least expected.

One thing that I have honestly learnt and opened my eyes, was that they are a great bunch of guys.
They work hard and you don't see that at night, because you are sound asleep at that time.
They have to be places at certain times and can't be late as most times meeting likes of the Ferry's are important and have to also be in cities on towns on time.
Not only that but what you don't know is when there is an accident on the roads at night, those bunch of guys are usually there. Most of the time first on the scene and great at communicating between other drivers about the situation or Police and Emergency Services.

It is a tight knit group and will help fellow drivers and the public out.
I think that there is too much pushed on these drivers though, for time limits and loads to been pushed out quickly.
Especially when every load is different every night, and all drivers are different at doing things.
These drivers get out of their trucks and help other drivers unload, in which they return the favour.

The one real danger that I have come across is that out of town drivers head down South Island and not knowing the roads. They don't know how dangerous the roads can be and end up rolling the trucks or even worse deaths. Always throws them on the Blenheim through to Kaikoura making their way to Christchurch.
But then you could say the same as South Island truck bound for the North Island that haven't travelled their roads.
Care needs to be taken.

Would like to thank John for letting me join on the trips and opening my eyes to another view on the back bone of  the real night time Kiwi's.
I take my hat off to you lot.

Nice to have meet a good bunch of guys.

Over and Out

Road Rat

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Motorcyclists rally against ACC hikes

Motorcyclists rallyed in five cities around NZ, tooting horns and revving engines in a loud display of opposition to put up levies by as much as three times current levels -
Riders Rally against ACC Rise